1. captainarlert:

    I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I do know who’s gonna be my favorite character from like, two seconds of screen time. 

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  2. late-night-cruising:

    Can we just take a minute to appreciate Pringles for never lying to us about the amount of fucking chips we’re getting when we fucking open the can

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  5. mooseleys:

    answering the door when you’re home alone like


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  6. zackisontumblr:

    *doesn’t do homework and hopes for the best*

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    • *favourite character appears*
    • me: *delighted pterodactyl noises*
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  7. zaynobrien:

    Fun fact: I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift was actually about Ellen DeGenerous 


    and now I’m lying on the cold hard ground. 

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  8. sprinklesofzalfie:

    The Suggs. (x)

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  9. concertotodick:

    This is absolutely fantastic.

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  11. Happy 35th birthday to Hermione Jean Granger, the brightest witch of her age!

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2012 - 2014

    2012 - 2014

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  13. stability:

    when you’re in a bad mood and your friend is trying to cheer you up


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  14. scuttleclaws:

    I-it's not me, Astrid. All those speeches and planning and running the village, that's his thing.
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